Maranda's Jewelry Picks

Editor-in-chief Maranda Pleasant shares her top 5 favorite jewelry designers.

"For years, these women have kept me adorned, protected and empowered." 


Instagram: @marandapleasant

Ananda Soul Creations 

Ethically Made, Sourced and Created with Love + Intention.

Our inspiration, Christina Zipperlen, creates as a portal for women reminding them of their beauty, strength and wisdom. 






The most exquisite malas I’ve ever seen. I feel like an urban priestess when I wear these. Swathimaa, the creative force, called me one day from Bali, as I was sitting in my car, during one of the toughest months of my life. She told me she felt like I needed protection and express shipped some of the most beautiful, unique pieces I’ve ever seen. Powerful, healing with an ancient soul feel.

Her story is pretty mystical. 

Instagram: @shaktijewelry | 




Swati Jr.

Wild Moon Goddess + Urban Priestess Saraswati hand creates each piece. I am not actually sure she is from this realm. She conjures up the mystical and magical and channels the spiritual into the tangible. Cosmic sorcery in jewelry form. A Vedic Astrology prophet mixing metals and jewels like potions, creating some kind of visual alchemy that I’ve never seen before. 

Instagram: @swatijr | FB: @swatijrjewelry.beagoddess 





I met Satya 4 years ago, at Sharon Gannon’s book party. I was fangirling over Sting holding our magazine, when she walked up to me and introduced herself. I had been trying to meet her for years. She literally took a 6-strand bracelet off her wrist and gave it to me. Still wearing it as I type this. I don’t take her necklaces and rings off. I’m guilty of sleeping in them. She gives me super powers. 

Instagram: @satyajewelry | 





I discovered Shakti this year. Everyday I wear my medicine pouch, filled with love stones and my Lakshmi choker, and Ganesh mantra necklaces. Can you tell I like to layer? 

Instagram: @shaktijewelry | 






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