Maranda's Picks: Best Spas and Facials in NYC + LA

Secrets to vibrant, glowing, healthy skin

By Maranda Pleasant 


Instagram: @marandapleasant

Kate Somerville


The only place I go on the West Coast. We love vibrant, healthy, natural looking skin. Long hours, traveling and compounded with stress, my skin wasn’t recognizable. I needed a little help from the pros to achieve that glow again. When three Oscar winners and a trusted friend raved about Kate’s skin spa, I listened. I’m not into crazy stuff, but Laser Genesis literally took the last 5 hard years of work off my face. I like aging, but not prematurely. Finally, radiant skin again. Takes around 20 minutes, and it doesn’t even leave you red. Five treatments later, I couldn’t attend a conference without people raving about my skin. Seriously. It’s an LA secret, and it works.





Pratima Spa


Our refuge of calm in the city where you’ll find one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic body treatments and the best deep clean detox facials in Manhattan, when your nervous system and skin have been pushed to the limit. The best haven to relax when you want to escape. Feels like a quiet sanctuary. Mindful. Peaceful. Ayurvedic experts and it is affordable. It that possible? Yep. 




Tracie Martyn


Living in a city that never sleeps, I had heard Tracie works skin miracles. My first visit I wondered if it was up to all of the hype. Honestly, you won’t be able to sit in the lobby without being surrounded by celebrities. During my Red Carpet Facial with Tracie, she did half of my face first, and showed me the immediate difference. Sold. Definitely a splurge. Definitely worth it. 




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